Hi, I'm Due,

a Software craftsman and content creator. I bring productivity to organisations using technology. I enjoy learning new technologies and their applications to problems faced by businesses and people around the world. I have worked with development teams remotely to develop projects i feel would be beneficial to the society such as my euafrica marketplace.

In my spare time, i like to listen to music and think on how to apply technology to solving problems facing Africa. Hit me up and let's get talking.



Talking about your ideas and building concepts and technical solutions that work to solve whatever real world or business problem you are facing, exploring the benefits of technology to solving problems is my desire.


Being involved in technology that makes an impact on the world. I am interested in writing code that solves problems and helps make the World, a better and more interesting place to live in.


Houston, We Have Lift Off!

Shefa Luxe

Minimalist Shopping Application

Built with: HTML5 · JavaScripT · Node· MongoDB·

authentication mobile


Fintech Application

Built with: React· Redux· Node· Laravel· Jest· AWS·

authentication mobile


E-Commerce Application

Built with: React· Redux· Node· MongoDB· Jest· Heroku·

authentication mobile

Hackathon Web

Hackathon prep and management.

Built with: React · Redux · Ant Design· Node· Jest· PostgreSQL·

authentication mobile


Bridging the gap between Africa and Europe with the power of Trade.

Built with: React· CSS · Node·

authentication mobile

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